~*~ God Bless America~*~

Land Of The Free, 9/11/2001.

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~*~ Land Of The Free~*~

This Page Is Dedicated To The N.Y. Firemen
And Policemen Who Worked Diligently Saving Lives
At The World Trade Center And The U.S. Pentagon!

Many Of Them Lost Their Life!

May God Bless These Courageous
Men And Women!

This Candle Burns For America!


Dear Friends,
September 11, 2001 is a day we will as a nation
remember. Like during Pearl Harbor, the Apollo deaths,
the Challenger explosion, we will remember where we

Tuesday I was at Liberty Island. I watched in
horror as the first plane dove into the WTC buildings.
With shock and dismay I stood there unable to help or
move. Then a few minutes passed until we were able to
hear the faint sounds of emergency crews responding to
the crisis. Hope for the survivors filled my heart.

Then the second plane came crashing in and a wave
of nausea rolled over me, my knees grew weak. I watch
from Liberty, a place I considered my home, flames
belched from the second tower. Tears clouded my eyes
and made it hard to see.

Later I over heard someone say that another plane
had crashed in Washington killing more. Another
hijacked plane had crashed in Pennsylvania.
Four planes in all.

Then before my eyes the towers collapsed like a
glass house trapping rescue workers and victims alike,
still I was unable to help. I was at work and could
not leave. Anger and sadness grew inside as black
smoke rose from the wreckage and yet I could not help
those who were trapped.

That's when I realized that these people were
succeeding if they were able to stop me from doing my
job, what I had been placed on the island to do.
Storing my anger and sadness away, I returned to my

And as I stood there unmoving, I held my torch
higher, my back grew straighter, and my crown
glistened in the sun.

What is my job you ask? I am the Statue of
Liberty and I welcome all who come to this country
seeking peace and freedom. I am also a symbol to all
those who have died to keep that beacon alive. I now
count those who perished on September 11, among those
honored souls. I will always stand here as a symbol of
their sacrifice and loss.

My fellow citizens join me by helping me bear the
torch of freedom to all who wish for it and by
standing tall in the face of adversity.

In God We Trust,
Lady Liberty

The Cobra2001

Thanks Kim For The Candle Graphic!